Katy Perry and 5 More Celebs With Preacher Parents

March 24, 2012 By:
Katy Perry and 5 More Celebs With Preacher Parents

Hallelujah! Katy Perry’s mom and dad are famously religious. Her preacher parents aren’t shy about spreading their Christianity, and they even suggested she date God-fearing athlete Tim Tebow.

But there are a handful of other celebrities who you might not know are the offspring of preachers, priests and ministers. Some choose to rebel against their roots, while others remain respectfully church-friendly. Whatever their path in Hollywood, here are 5 celebrities with preacher parents.

The Jonas Brothers: JoBro are sons of former Assembly of God minister Father Paul Kevin Jonas. No wonder they maintained such a squeaky-clean image. Although things did get pretty crazy in Camp Rock.

Denzel Washington: Denzel’s dad was a Pentecostal preacher for the Church of God in Christ. Currently, Denzel is a member of a Church of God congregation in Los Angeles, and he’s donated millions of dollars to them.

Demetri Martin: The goofy comedian/actor is the son of a Greek Orthodox priest. Another interesting tidbit: Demetri graduated from Yale University in 1995 and was also accepted into Harvard Law. Has nothing to do with preacher parents, I know. But it’s pretty damn impressive.

Daniel Tosh: Though a bit edgier, here’s another comedian with religious roots. Daniel Tosh, better known as Daniel Tosh.0, is the son of a Christian preacher. Daniel said he grew up in a strict environment and has a warning for parents: “Don’t keep the reins too tight on your son or he’ll grow up to be a comic.”

Alice Cooper: Alice Cooper, who has called himself the “Dean Martin of rock n’ roll,” was the son of a preacher in the Church of Jesus Christ. The rocker has declared: “Hey, I'm Christian, and I'm not going to denounce what I believe. I can be a rock 'n' roll star, a Christian and Alice Cooper."