Katy Perry & Russell Brand: Hot & Cold Couple

July 19, 2010 By:
Katy Perry & Russell Brand: Hot & Cold Couple

Katy Perry knows what it’s like to be in a relationship—she wrote a whole song about being “hot and cold” with a guy! And now it seems that may be the case with her real-life fiancé Russell Brand!

The New York Daily News claims the couple have been bickering a lot lately, and are similar to an old married couple. “They fight and make-up constantly,” said one source.

One insider recalled a recent night out in New York City. “[Russell] got angry with Katy because he thought she had drank too much,” the source said. “Katy ended up staying with a friend who has a place in New York while Russell went back to the couple’s hotel room alone.”

But apparently this is common with the two. “There have always been fights about other women — despite Russell talking about how much he loves Katy all the time,” added the source.

“Katy suspected [Russell] of cheating and it wasn’t the first time. It’s a cycle.”

We hope it’s just pre-wedding jitters! Katy and Russell will be tying the knot in no time! Just recently we learned they’ll be marrying in Maui in late October.

Sources say they’re preparing for a “small” but lavish ceremony at a private location on the Hawaiian island. Sounds amazing!