Katy and Russell Boot All Non-Wedding Guests from Hotel

October 21, 2010 By:
Katy and Russell Boot All Non-Wedding Guests from Hotel

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are really serious about their privacy.

E! Online has the details on what they’re doing to ensure no one gets the scoop on their nuptials except for the invited guests!

The wedding is reportedly taking place Taj Rambagh Palace in Jaipur, India, which by the name, is obviously a very high class establishment!

Inside Katy & Russell's Wedding at the Tiger Sanctuary!

"They made guests not part of the wedding party, hotel staff included, vacate the premises," a hotel source says.

"Just today, the local authorities announced that no cameraperson can come within one kilometer of the Taj."

On the actual wedding day which is Saturday, the hotel will be closed off by police, security and additional special security from abroad, and they are not allowing anyone to loiter in the vicinity.

Katy and Russell Arrive in India for Their Wedding

"The overseas security is fiercely guarding the fort and is showing no mercy to anyone, and the police are supporting them completely," says a hotel source.

"Everyone regardless of their status is checked for any type of camera, hidden or visible, and if they are not among the invited guests, it is confiscated. Any overseas media persons trying hard to get a glimpse of the event are being kept strictly at bay."

The insider also dished on Perry’s dress, which they say is a designer she’s worn many times on the red carpet. "It's long and white, very traditional in that sense," says one insider.

"Beading galore, the entire front is covered in beading. And there's a really...interesting head piece. I don't think most brides could pull it off, but most brides aren't Katy Perry."

We can’t wait to see the pics! Katy and Russell are rumored to be going to Mauritius and the Maldives for their honeymoon, so at least the shunned paparazzi can hang out there and wait for them!