21 Times Katy Perry Was Too Cartoonish to Be a Person

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21 Times Katy Perry Was Too Cartoonish to Be a Person
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When it comes to Katy Perry's style, let's just say she doesn't always color inside the lines.

1. When she took a GAMBLE on this outfit.

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2. When Katy shook her cookies.

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3. When she was a one-woman candy shop.

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4. When she was the conductor of the Polar Express.

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5. When she looked like an upside-down cupcake.

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6. When she Animorphed into a purple kitten.

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7. When she was literally Smurfette.

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8. When she was a broken record.

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We know the drill, Katy.


9. When her go-to makeup brand was Crayola.

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10. When she kept her color palette flatly two-dimensional.

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11. When her hair was so perfectly blue, it looked like it was colored in by a Disney animator.

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12. When she unleashed her sci-fi alter ego.

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13. When she looked like a spilt can of paint.

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14. When she expressed her love of film to the most literal degree.

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15. When she wanted to salute America…

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16. …she did it wrapped in an American flag.

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17. When she dressed up in her favorite sweets and basically was a Candy Land board game on the red carpet.

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18. When she was all coming up roses.

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19. When she got scrappy like Tony the Tiger.

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20. When she put the hologram in Jem and the Holograms.

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21. When she expertly channeled Daria and literally WAS the cartoon.