Peter Andre Doesn't Want Any Money from Katie Price Divorce

May 15, 2009 By:
Peter Andre Doesn't Want Any Money from Katie Price Divorce

Katie Price aka Jordan can rest assured that her soon to be ex husband Peter Andre won't be taking her to the cleaners.

The couple, who just announced their divorce, are splitting after almost five years together. And Peter wants to make sure everyone knows he's not going to take a dime from her.

According to UK reports, Peter said, “I wouldn’t get a penny if we broke up because I signed a pre nuptial – and it was my idea to do it. I insisted on it.”

Peter was the one who called it quits and has no intention of reuniting with Katie. She already released a statement saying it was his decision to end the marriage and that she's very upset about it. Apparently he is ending the marriage because of her alleged drinking problem.

A source close to Katie told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “Katie has been honest with Pete now. She knows she was in the wrong and she's begging him to return.

"She's told him that she feels she's been punished enough and pleaded with him to give her one more chance.”

We were actually pretty surprised to hear the news of their breakup, so hopefully they'll give their marriage another chance--at least for the sake of their kids.