Katie Price: I Don't Write My Own Books

April 14, 2008 By:
Katie Price: I Don't Write My Own Books

Katie Price is making bank off her autobiographies, novels and children’s books, but she admits she didn't pen any of them. Shocking? Hardly.

During the launch of her new children's series Mermaids And Pirates, she said: "I don't actually write them, I say how I want the story.

"Like I've said before in any of my books, even my autobiographies, it's all about me, but it's the bits they add in like 'It's a sunny day and the daffodils were blooming' - things like that obviously haven't come from me.

"Like Pete would say, it's no different to a producer doing a record."

Her novels have been rated some of the worst in UK history so that ghostwriter she insists on using should be replaced ASAP. Have you guys read any of her books? What are your thoughts?