What Does The Number 33 Have To Do With Tom Cruise...

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What Does The Number 33 Have To Do With Tom Cruise...

Have you heard the reports that Tom Cruise and all his ex’s have parted ways during they’re (not his, obviously) 33rd year? We did the math, it’s legit. But more importantly, its really weird, right?

Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and now Katie Holmes either chose to exit, or were asked to remove themselves from their marriage at the prime age of 33.

So how does that all add up? Let’s try to sort out this potentially not-so-coincidental “coincidence.”

It’s the atomic number assigned to the chemical element arsenic. That’s right people, 33 = poison.

On the Newton Scale (I have no idea what that is either, just go with it) it’s the temperature where water boils. Heat meaning tempers, not necessarily passion.

It’s the age of Jesus when he was crucified… ok, never mind on this one. I mean, the girls are pretty and he’s box office gold, but let’s be honest, nobody here has reached deity status…

Some former scientologist is quoted all over as saying "The number 33 is known as the ‘Master Teacher.’ It represents altruism and increasing your positive energy. It’s associated with healing powers through love." Which doesn’t really explain why he would ditch wife one and two as they reach their ultimate ripeness, but could explain Katie’s revelation to move on.

Speaking of religion conjured up in paperback novels, in Dan Brown’s "The Lost Symbol," his follow up to “The Da Vinci Code”, 33 represents the meaning of life… which in this case would mean what? Independence is the key to our existence? Perhaps.

OH! Here we go people: It’s the jersey number of Tom Cruise's character in the 1983 film All The Right Moves -- Bingo y’all! The “right move” apparently means moving on….

Wikipedia is zero help with the initial definition of it being “the natural number following 32 and preceding 34.”

Not helpful… or is it? Maybe it’s got nothing to do with 33, but a preternatural fear of 34?

Hmmmmm…. So 34 is the atomic number for selenium…

Let’s leave it at this: 1 (plus) 1 (equals) 2 (minus) 1 (equals) 1 (again)

These couples were together. And then they weren’t. The end. Literally.