VIDEO: See Katie Holmes On 'Project Runway' Just Days After Divorce!

October 25, 2012 By:
VIDEO: See Katie Holmes On 'Project Runway' Just Days After Divorce!
Image By: Splash News

Less than a week after Katie Holmes made her surprise divorce announcement, she raced off to tape an episode of “Project Runway All Stars.”

If you thought she would appear on the show all sad-eyes and newly single resentment, you would be wrong.

Despite her public break-up, new life as a single mom, and freedom from the clutches of Xenu she appears poised

and perfect in the new superteaser for the upcoming season of “Project Runway.”

Granted, you only see her say about 5 lines, but it’s still pretty good.

She tells the contestants, “I’ve been watching” and is captured in a candid giggle. Oh, she DOES have emotions!

Other celebs in the trailer include Liv Tyler, Kylie Minogue and Stacy Keibler. Lol, at me calling Stacy Keibler a “celeb."

In case you’re wondering how Katie Holmes is qualified to judge a sewing show, she actually has her own clothing line, Holmes & Yang. I know, I know, doesn’t EVERY celebrity own a clothing line? Yes, they do, but Katie’s is actually shown at NY Fashion Week, so we take it seriously.

Katie filmed this episode in NY on July 2, just down the street from the apartment she rented in secret from Tom weeks before the divorce on June 28.

Watching this clip is like peeking into a secret life of Katie Holmes we never knew. Ohhh ahhhh.