Tom Has A Say In Katie's Wardrobe

October 7, 2009 By:
Tom Has A Say In Katie's Wardrobe

Most guys could care less what their girlfriends or wives wear on a daily basis. As long as it’s tight and flattering, men don’t pay too much attention to the ever-changing world of women’s fashion.

But not Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes has her very own built-in fashion police with Tom. She graces the cover of the November issue of Elle, and says Tom often critiques her outfit choices.

Katie says, "He usually likes everything, but sometimes I'll walk out and he'll say, 'I think that dress might be wearing you. You don't need that.’”

She continues, "Tom has great taste.”

We’ll take her word for it, but we’d be a little frightened if our guy said a dress was “wearing us.” That’s like Tim Gunn lingo! As for Katie’s individual sense of style, Katie says she likes "Alaia, for sure. Stella McCartney.

"I like Ralph Lauren because I feel like it's very American, and I'm pretty all-American, from Ohio. Isabel Marant and a new designer, Sari Gueron."

Katie’s style has definitely changed since she met Tom. Probably because her clothing budget quadrupled! What do you think of Katie’s wardrobe choices?