Tom Cruise Knew Katie Holmes Would 'Win' In Court Says Expert

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Attorney to the stars, Debra Opri (Anna Nicole Smith paternity battle, David Hasselhoff custody case) weighs in on the suspiciously swift Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce and why they settled so quickly and so quietly.

Debra tells Hollyscoop that the main thrust of their divorce anti-drama was that “Katie’s main concern was getting sole custody of Suri and Tom wanted to protect his public image and keep the divorce out of the media as much as possible.”

Basically, Debra thinks Tom handed Suri over to Katie because he knew that if they went to court, it would have been a long drawn out battle that Tom knew Katie would “win.”

“There have been so many steps Katie would have already taken to show she wants sole custody of Suri, displaying how she was raising her for the majority of the time alone, while Tom was working,” says Debra, “Katie took all the major steps to show that she was taking full responsibility of raising Suri by enrolling her in a Catholic school in New York, being photographed with her in places like the grocery store, and walking around together in places other than the red carpets.”

What this boils down to is, all those times Katie was photographed out and about with Suri in matching outfits, it was all a calculated move to prove she deserves sole legal and physical custody over Suri.

While Katie was all about keeping Suri, Debra thinks Tom’s main interest was just keeping his career intact.

“In most celebrity divorces, image is at the upmost concern because that is how they make their [income], in the end they all want the same thing…to save their public image.”

Debra’s last bit of legal insight is that Katie and Tom had most of their divorce settlement already worked out in the prenup.

“There is speculation, but it can also be assumed that because the settlement happened so fast they must have also had a majority of this predetermined in the prenup,” Debra speculates.
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