Suri Cruise Throws Temper Tantrum Over Puppy

July 16, 2012 By:
Suri Cruise Throws Temper Tantrum Over Puppy

Suri Cruise wanted to buy an adorable puppy over the weekend and her mom Katie Holmes wouldn’t let her so just like any child, Suri threw a fit.

Okay, “throwing a fit” is a bit exaggerated, Suri was mostly just “intensely pouting.” In her defense, the dog was super adorable. It was one of those morkie-breeds that look like little teddy bears. Like those little teddy dogs you get from one of those stuffed animal machines with the giant mechanical claw. This was JUST LIKE that. But I digress.

Also, remember that little girl that went with Suri to a gymnastics class last week, well she was at the pet store too. They must be really close. That other little girl seemed pretty unaffected by the whole puppy business, Suri should really take notes, this little girl has it together.

Katie and Suri were checking out puppies at the Citipups pet shop in Manhattan and were specifically interested in the morkie and a little French bulldog.

I don’t even have kids but everyone knows you don’t take a kid to a pet store unless you plan on going home with a pet, and no, giving your child a pet fish doesn’t count Mom! How is a fish supposed to keep me warm at night! I wanted a puppy, mom! I mean, little girls want puppies, so I hear.

Another photo showed Suri having an all-out hysterical cry in the car after her mother refused to buy her the puppy. Any good therapist will tell you that Suri’s temper tantrum ISN'T about the puppy. Poor little Suri. Just channel those tears into positive thoughts and maybe one day, mommy will get you that puppy.