Stars Give Katie Holmes Advice For Broadway

June 16, 2008 By:
Stars Give Katie Holmes Advice For Broadway

Katie Holmes is gearing up for her debut on Broadway, and fellow screen-to-stage actors are chiming in to give her advice on the transition.

John Lithgow, who will co-star with Katie in All My Sons, says,
"She's going to be wonderful. I'm looking forward to working with her. We haven't worked together yet but it's going to be great."

Brooke Shields, who made the jump to Broadway in her role as Roxie in Chicago, says, "She will be so happy about making that decision. There is nothing like it. It's the Olympics. It's the college of theater."

And Kristen Chenoweth, best known for her portrayal of Galinda in Wicked, says, "I would recommend her just to stay healthy and get a lot of good sleep and drink lots of water. It takes so much energy to be on stage 7 days a week so she needs a good night's sleep everyday. But I'm sure she will do just fine."

How do you think Katie will hold up on the big stage?