Report: No Lump Sum For Katie Holmes In Divorce

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Katie Holmes doesn’t get any of Tom Cruise’s millions, but Suri sure does.

TMZ is reporting on some of the details if the divorce settlement that the celebrity couple were attempting to keep private.

Katie, as pre-ordained in her prenup, didn’t get any lump sum of money for dumping Tom, and sources that are saying otherwise - some reporting as high as $50 million - are simply “ridiculous.”

Tom will however, be forking over quite a bit in regularly scheduled child support payments over the next 12 years. The details on the actual amount aren’t clear, but it’s being described as “a lot of money,” and will total somewhere in the super vague ballpark of "more than $10 million."

Though it’s hard to speculate on what exactly “a lot” is, over a 12 year span, it’s probably not that big of a deal for a man who, according Forbes, made $75 million dollars last year alone. Seriously.

With the seemingly civil divorce settlement behind them, Cruise is focusing on work, his legal team is focusing on annihilating the National Enquirer, and Katie and Suri seem determined to live a life of normalcy.

And either Katie is the most emotionally stable, goodhearted woman alive, or she’s got a crazy effective PR team.

We, having always loved whatever it is about her that we just can’t get enough of, are banking on the former. And would like to remark on the grace and dignity with which she has handled this whole thing that could have been turned into a decade long smear campaign played out in publicly in trial footage airing on entertainment news shows.

Though sources have maintained the whole time that Katie didn’t care about Tom’s money, having plenty of her own, it’s nice to see a woman who doesn’t feel the need to take more due to a sense of entitlement.

Not that she won’t be partaking in Suri’s luxurious lifestyle with a front row seat…

But, maybe she really was just in this thing the whole time for love?

That would be pretty crazy, right?
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