Report: Katie Holmes Prepping for Baby #2

March 1, 2010 By:
Report: Katie Holmes Prepping for Baby #2

Could Suri Cruise be getting a little baby brother or sister soon? Word on the street is that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are beginning to try for baby #2!

Page Six reports that Katie has been spending an awful lot of time at the Hollywood Scientology Center, undergoing “auditing,” which is something people of that faith do before trying to conceive.

Scientologists believe the "health and the sanity of the child begin long before birth," according to a church-run Web site, which campaigns for silent birth. Source say last week, Katie was there for over four hours.

"This is exactly what happened just before she got pregnant with Suri. Tom has made no secret of the fact that he would like another baby. It is almost as if she is being prepared for it,” said the insider.

A rep for Holmes didn't return e-mails. But this would make sense! Suri seems to be getting bigger by the minute, and we’re sure they’d love another baby in the family!