Report: Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Will Reunite At Suri's School!

August 15, 2012 By:
Report: Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Will Reunite At Suri's School!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have been doing a very good job at never speaking to one another since their divorce, so good in fact that it’s almost like they were never married.

Tom reportedly passes Suri off to Katie via his security detail whenever Suri has to leave mom’s house and go with dad.

However, is reporting that the two former lovers will both be there for Suri’s first day of school.

“Tom and Katie have been speaking on the telephone regarding Suri and Katie has been very supportive of Tom wanting to be there when Suri goes to her new school for the first time,” says a source.

What this means is, when Suri shows up to her first day at her new private school, which will be after Labor day, both Tom and Katie and 100 paparazzi will be there to usher her off for her first day.


“It’s a big moment in Suri’s life and Katie wants Tom to be a part of that,” adds the source, “Of course, there will be security concerns and Tom doesn’t want to disrupt other parents and students at the school with his presence, which means he could very well slip in and out via a back entrance. Katie doesn’t want Suri to suffer because of their divorce and both parents are truly putting the needs of their little girl ahead of their own feelings.”

The front door of the school is going to be a media cluster f-ck. They will probably have to sneak Suri in through a back door of the school which is probably even worse for her emotional and social development! “Who’s that?” “Oh Suri? Yeah, she sneaks in through the janitor entrance everyday, it’s super weird.”

According to reports, one of the main reasons that Katie and Tom split was because they couldn’t agree on how to raise Suri.

Tom wanted to hire Suri a private Scientology home school tutor, but since Katie wasn't up for that, she enrolled her at an elite brand new private school called “Avenues” which opens this fall in Chelsea.