PETA Sends Out Stern Warning To Katie Holmes

September 24, 2008 By:
PETA Sends Out Stern Warning To Katie Holmes

PETA has it out for Katie Holmes and other Hollywood moms who like to bundle their little ones up for the cold weather. Last year, PETA wrote an open letter to Giorgio Armani, persuading him to drop fur from his designs, but he must have tossed it, because his Fall 2008 line contains fur coats for babies, floral-printed fur coats, fur-hemmed skirts, and fur-trimmed jackets! They must be outraged!

PETA president Dan Mathews says, "We feel betrayed. I have met with Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and many other designers who once used fur but had a change of heart, and not one of them broke their promise."

But they have a plan, as they always do. PETA and Pam Anderson plan to put stars who arrive at Armani shows in the hot seat and urge them to shun all Armani designs during the upcoming season. Though Matthews says PETA has "always admired" Cruise and Holmes' "fur-free personal style," the couple is "among the most highly visible wearers" of Armani.

"We imagine that Suri, like other children, has a natural affinity for animals, which is why we find it shocking that Armani is not only breaking his fur-free promise but also trying to lure children into fashion derived from skinned rabbits," Matthews adds.

So they sent open letters to all celebrities they know of that wear Armani on a consistent basis, including Katie, Kristen Chenoweth, Glen Close, and Heidi Klum. But what we're worried about is what little Suri wear this winter? She loooooves Armani!