Katie Holmes' Prenup Gives Her Squat

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Katie Holmes\' Prenup Gives Her Squat
Like the opening weekend of Rock of Ages, those hoping Katie Holmes was going to get a sweet check out of the divorce are in for quite a disappointment.

Tom Cruise has had three failed marriages so far, once with Mimi rogers, once with Nicole Kidman, and today with Katie. By now he’s getting pretty good at getting an iron clad pre-nup. Unfortunately for Katie, a rookie, that means she’ll get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to a payout.

According to TMZ, reports that Holmes was going to walk away with an extra $15-20 million in her pocket are false. In fact, that number’s more like zero.

Tom and Katie have a rock solid prenuptial agreement that strongly favored him when the inevitable day to take back their “I-do”s came. Katie will walk away with what she brought into the marriage and little more.

“She’s not about the money. She's not that girl. She loves to work," a source told TMZ.

Unfortunately, it sounds like Tom is definitely that kind of guy.

“Money is not that important to her. She makes plenty on her own,” the source continued.

Uh, does Katie have a side business that we don’t know about?

She hasn’t been in a staring role since 2010. Losing access to Tom’s saving account has got to hit pretty hard. However, with the new freedom, she does have two projects already underway for the coming years.

To Katie, what’s most important is that she gets help with the kids.

According to the details of the prenup, the marriage was not a sham. Katie got in for one reason: Love.

Unfortunately, even though love don’t cost a thing, divorce court certainly does.

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