Katie Holmes Suing Star Magazine for $50 Million!

March 1, 2011 By:
Katie Holmes Suing Star Magazine for $50 Million!

Katie Holmes is suing Star Magazine over their recent cover story, which features Holmes above the headline, “Katie DRUG SHOCKER”.

Katie doesn’t look like her usual put-together, perky self on the cover. She looks run down and exhausted. But I think that’s just what how you look when you’ve been married to Tom Cruise this long.

Holmes' rep told TMZ, "Star Magazine's malicious claims about Katie are untrue, unethical and unlawful. Not only do they cruelly defame Katie, they play a cheap trick on the public, making ridiculously false claims on the cover unsupported by anything inside."

Holmes is seeking $50 million in damages, and rightfully so. Because the only “drug shocker” I can see Katie involved in is her taking Tylenol behind Tom Cruise’s back.

"What? You've been on meds? I don't think so. You'll deal with your migraines like a woman. Now if you'll excuse me, I think there's a couch that needs jumping on."