Katie Holmes Rides The Subway – She's Just Like Us!

October 11, 2012 By:
Katie Holmes Rides The Subway – She's Just Like Us!

Now that Katie Holmes has divorced Tom Cruise she’s dropped back down to commoner status and we’re loving it!

Katie was spotted by the person sitting across from her as she rode the subway solo. Katie is regular again, no more drivers or private jets.

Life & Style got the photo, which shows Katie wearing oversized sunglasses, a white sweater, jeans, and a huge handbag on her lap. Despite the glasses and big bag, there’s no denying it was Ms. Holmes.

Nobody seemed to bother her during her pedestrian drive.


Katie and Suri are adjusting to normal post-Tom Cruise life pretty well. Yesterday they were spotted walking home from school. Gone were the blacked-out SUV’s, the bodyguards, the security service teams, and the fearful stares.

Katie and Suri are almost a normal mom and daughter duo now.

While they keep it low-key in NY, Tom sure isn’t.

On Monday night, Tom reportedly went to Matt Damon’s birthday party at a NY nightclub called The Box. Both dudes were “paddled” on the behinds by trannys. You read that correctly, Tom Cruise was paddled on the rear by a man dressed as a woman. I know, it's like he doesn't know the rumors about himself at all.

So yeah, Katie is not regretting that divorce, AT ALL.

Photo Credit: Life & Style