Katie Holmes Reportedly Moves Out Of Beverly Hills Mansion

August 16, 2012 By:
Katie Holmes Reportedly Moves Out Of Beverly Hills Mansion

It’s about time—Katie Holmes seems to have removed her stuff from the Beverly Hills mansion she shared with soon to be ex-husband Tom Cruise in some PODS trucks yesterday afternoon.

According to reports, the $30 million mansion, equipped with a pool, tennis court and movie theater wasn’t listed in Tom and Katie’s prenup, so it looks like Katie might be letting Tom keep it to himself fairly peacefully. That, or it will wind up being sold. Katie has already leased her $15 million New York City brownstone (a cool $12,500 a month, if you’re in the market) and moved in to a Chelsea apartment with Suri.

If you believe the reports, the prenup did list the former couple's mansion in Montecito (Katie got that one). It also stipulates that Katie will get $3 million for every year she was married to Tom, which comes to about $18 million. That’s not including child support for Suri, which could come to a few hundred thousand a year.

Their other shared homes include a $9.8 million house in the Hollywood Hills and a Telluride, Colorado mansion, both of which were bought by Tom before he married Katie.

Katie reportedly surprised Tom with the news of her filing for divorce a month ago while he was filming a movie in Greenland, and had kept the proceedings a secret because she was afraid that she would face reprisal from Church of Scientology.

Katie has been looking markedly less pained in the past few weeks, which could be a result of the relief of not being married to a man whose beliefs differ from her own. Suri also seems to be dealing with the divorce well, which is most definitely a result of all the vacations and doting attention her parents are lavishing on her.