Katie Holmes Pre and Post Tom Cruise: From Ballin' to Budget

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Katie Holmes Pre and Post Tom Cruise: From Ballin' to Budget
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Katie Holmes stepped out to an event in NYC earlier this week wearing a $70 dress from Kohl’s. Let me repeat that. $70 and KOHLS. Yes, the place your mom shops!

Katie wore the dress to the launch of designer Narciso Rodriquez’s new collection for Kohl’s, so it made sense that she wore the bargain item, but still, it’s just so, you know, pedestrian of her, right?

Since Katie has split from Tom Cruise, she’s been slipping into commoner status, like riding the subway and wearing cheap clothes.

Let’s compare Katie Holmes when she was WITH Tom Cruise to POST divorce.

Katie Holmes During The Tom Era

Katie wore one of her most expensive looks to the premiere of Tom’s movie “Knight and Day.” She wore this knit ivory drop waist cocktail dress by Azzedine Alaia that retails for anywhere between $1500 and $3100.

When Katie traveled with Tom they rode in private cars and private jets. A private jet ride costs approximatley $10,000 an hour and a private car ride averages $50 an hour, and if you want that car to wait outside the premiere and take you home afterwards, you’re looking at several hours.

Katie Holmes Post Tom

We’ve already re-hashed her $70 dress that she wore to a RED CARPET EVENT, she’s also slumming it with travel. 

Katie was also just spotted riding the SUBWAY, right next to REGULARS. Non-famous elbows rubbed with famous elbows! She now spends about $2.50 to ride the subway. She’s not even taking a taxi.

Also, when Suri first enrolled in school, she and mom rode a giant Escalade, now they just walk to and from school.

She also asked that all designers and brands stop gifting Suri with free sh*t. Suri was receiving all sorts of freebies simply by being a famous offspring, but Katie reportedly asked that Suri be removed from all designer freebie lists.

What do you think Hollyscoopers? How long before Katie is going to thrift stores and opening doors for herself!? It's a slippery slope.