Katie Holmes' Master Plan To Leave Tom

July 4, 2012 By:
Katie Holmes' Master Plan To Leave Tom

It was no split decision. A whole lot of planning apparently went into leaving Tom Cruise’s pretty face in the dust.

Katie Holmes' master plan to dump her husband just before his 50th birthday was long in the works. Reportedly, the move required meticulous planning and collaborations with close friends.

People magazine reveals the details of the Katie’s scheme.

“She was talking to Tom on the phone up until last week saying, 'I love you,'" a source told People.

Katie Holmes Moves Out of Tom's Apartment

Talk about pulling the rug out from under you... The result? A shocked – and likely pissed off – Tom Cruise.

In order to pull it off, Katie needed to go into super stealth mode. I’m talking being tracked by CIA type maneuvers.

“Her inner circle has been planning this and switching out cell phones since she was in China,” said the source.

Katie was in China in mid June, promoting her Artistry on Ice,, and event for which she was the promotional ambassador. According to People, when the new cell phones arrived, no one could get in touch with her.

Even her reasons for relocating to the new apartment she rented in New York was reportedly cloaked in lies.

“She said she moved there to drive into the underground garage. There are fewer paparazzi and it's less intrusive for her,” the source continued, referring to what she told Tom.

Katie’s father, Martin Holmes, stepped in to help. The time leading up to her filing for divorce, the two fired many of the people that worked for the family.

With a clean slate, Katie was able to start over, effectively freed from Tom’s grip.

It may seem like a little paranoid of Katie’s part but already she is being followed by strange men, who seem to have her under surveillance.