Katie Holmes Kissing on Broadway

November 6, 2012 By:
Katie Holmes Kissing on Broadway
Image By: Splash News

So Katie Holmes made her post-divorce Broadway debut last night in the new comedy “Dead Accounts” and SO MUCH HAPPENED. Should I tell you about how she kissed her co-star and he supposedly has a crush on her? What about how she took a subway home after the show? Or how she got really good reviews all around?!

Let’s talk about all of it.

For starters, according to the first night reviews, Katie did a good job.

She plays a Cincinnati woman whose brother returns home with a ton of money and a missing wife.

Katie drew applause several times during her performance and even got hearty cheers during a speech about Wall Street greed. We are the 99%! Even though Katie’s personal net worth personally puts her in the 1%, but he we can put that aside for arts sake!

During the show she shares a lip-lock with her co-star Josh Hamilton, but they play brother and sister so it was a familiar kiss, let’s not get weird about it.

Rumor has it that Josh has a crush on Katie off-stage, but he’s married with a kid, so there’s probably not too much truth to the rumor.

Anyways, once the opening night show wrapped up, Katie and her bodyguard hopped onto a subway with all the regulars. Maybe she thought it would be too much to opt for a private car while the rest of storm-ravaged NYC is just trying to rebuild their homes? 

This is Katie’s second time on the great white way, she appeared on “All My Sons” in 2008.