Katie Holmes Keeps Life Simple For Suri With Grocery Run

July 9, 2012 By:
Katie Holmes Keeps Life Simple For Suri With Grocery Run

Katie Holmes tries to get back to her pre-Tom roots by shopping for her own groceries and daughter Suri is her biggest helper.

After one of the most publicized marriages and pending divorces in the history of mankind, Tom might be in the process of assembling a legal militia for the burgeoning battle royale over Suri, and twiddling his thumbs contemplating the maniacal number 33.

But for Katie and Suri, life goes on in a more pedestrian manner. The two were photographed being regular health conscious consumers, by shopping in Manhattan's Whole Foods this weekend.

Here's the gist, Katie perused some produce, probably paid way too much for it (read: Manhattan, organic), and then Suri helped her carry the stuff on the way back to their new (single lady) apartment.

No word on how her five to six man security entourage squeezed into the narrow aisles, but we're assuming that they, being professionals, somehow made it work.

And as an aside, could the budding paparazzo photographing Katie and her daughter through their shopping excursion be removed under the announcement of "Clean up on aisle five"?

Give her some room people, despite all the media frenzy surrounding their family, Katie and Suri still need to eat.