Katie Holmes is Not Pregnant

March 12, 2010 By:
Katie Holmes is Not Pregnant

The internet has been buzzing with rumors about Katie Holmes possibly being pregnant with her second child after she appeared to be sporting a baby bump while shopping recently, but unfortunately the rumors aren't true.

"Katie is not pregnant," her rep confirmed to People magazine. So what was up with that alleged baby bump? Gas maybe? Maybe she was bloated? Whatever the case is, we won't be blessed with another Suri anytime soon.

The pregnancy rumors started shortly after Katie was spotted at a Scientology center in Los Angeles. She was reportedly getting a "cleanse" because she had just found out she was pregnant.

One week later the alleged baby bump started showing up in photos.

As of now Katie is just enjoying her time raising her adorable 3-year-old Suri and has no plans for baby #2.