Katie Holmes Gaining Weight to Get Pregnant

April 5, 2010 By:
Katie Holmes Gaining Weight to Get Pregnant

This is becoming a trend in Hollywood lately. Katie Holmes is reportedly trying to pack on the pounds so she has a better chance of getting pregnant. Rumors have been flying that she and Tom Cruise are ready for baby #2, and that Tom really wants a biological son.

Sources tell Now magazine, “Katie’s been gorging on loads of carbs and she’s put on at least 12 pounds. She hates the fact that she’s heavier, but Tom insisted that she needed more meat on her bones to have a greater chance of getting pregnant.”

Tom Cruise Wants a Biological Son

This is exactly what Katie’s good friend Victoria Beckham is reportedly going through, because she wants a little girl. Both women are super tiny, and we’re not surprised at them having to gain weight to try and conceive.

The insider added, “Katie will always do what Tom says and this proves he still has a heavy grip on her. The plus side, from her point of view, is that she gets to eat what she wants these days, rather than surviving on
salad. But it’s not an ideal scenario for Katie because she’s always prided herself on her svelte figure.”

Recently there have been rumors that Katie is actually already pregnant, but this source says it’s not the case. “A lot of people in Hollywood were saying she’s pregnant, but the truth is that she’s let herself go a bit and it’s showing on her belly.”

She looks great to us! And when she was pregnant with Suri she looked great, so we don’t think she has anything to worry about!