Katie Holmes Fires Security Team

July 2, 2012 By:
Katie Holmes Fires Security Team

Katie Holmes continues her blanket sweep recon mission (impossible?) of removing Tom Cruise from her life entirely.

In case you’ve been in a tomb, it came to light on Friday that Katie had filed for divorce, and the news was seemingly previously unbeknownst to Tom himself.

The day before the announcement she was spotted moving some belongings out of the NYC apartment she supposedly shared with her husband (though he was never really photographed with his family on their numerous treks throughout the city).

And now, TMZ has learned that she officially fired her security team. Her security team that worked for Tom long before Katie was even a factor.

She was allegedly worried that the men’s true allegiance was to Tom, and not to her and their daughter. Though what she’s really worried about has yet to truly come to light.

Katie was last photographed with the old brut alliance on Thursday. But has since definitely compensated for the loss by hiring her own team.

Her driver and bodyguard detail has been increased to a new team of 5 or 6 men – a substantial increase in manpower for sure.

The firing is definitely made more noteworthy when one considers the amount of time the guards have been with the former star, current wife/ mother.

They all go back nearly seven years, as when their romance was made public in 2005, Tom assigned these two main men to her…Cute or controlling? The jury’s still out. But don’t worry, there’s surely going to be a lot more info released.