Katie Holmes Casually Wanders Around NYC Without Suri

August 1, 2012 By:

Was Katie Holmes depressed while Tom and Suri were off having the best day ever?

On Tuesday, the father and daughter duo took Disney World by storm -- him playing a recently divorced single dad and international superstar actor, while his tres cute sidekick did a really convincing impersonation of The Little Mermaid.

So what was Katie doing while all this was going down? She was photographed wandering around New York City, lost in a lot of layers, sulking.

Tom and Suri Escape to the Happiest Place on Earth

Dressed like a graduate student on exam day, the usually super fashionable mom wore a yellow sweater that could have come off the clearance rack at the Gap, over a stretched out gray tank hanging sloppily to one side, saggy jeans, and some sort of tan suede sneaker.

Wait, isn’t it like a thousand degrees this time of the year in NYC?

Anyway, she had either a pre-yoga class ‘do or hangover hair, pulled in a loose disheveled bun.

She wore sunglasses.

She walked around.

Drank coffee.


Known for her ridiculously cute dimpled smile, Katie seemed… out of sorts without her daughter by her side.

So what’s going on here?

Could be that Katie just needed a day to chill-ax, and pretend to be a commoner.

Or perhaps she, like a lot of recently divorced mothers, just isn't sure what they’re supposed to do with their free time?

Both a possibility but I’m thinking that her adorably cute mini-me daughter is just her most flattering accessory. A pint-sized bundle of joy who brings out the best in her already pretty cool mother.

That’s totally it… unless, really she was just bummed about missing out on riding the teacups.