Katie Holmes as Jackie O: I'm Not Going to Please Everyone, But Here I Go!

March 30, 2011 By:
Katie Holmes as Jackie O: I'm Not Going to Please Everyone, But Here I Go!

Movie star Katie Holmes is headed back to her small-screen roots. And she'll be taking on a role that's a little more complex than Joey Potter.

Holmes will be playing famed First Lady Jackie O in the TV-movie The Kennedys. And if the movie wasn't dramatic enough, it's been through its share of real-life drama, getting booted from the History Channel for not being "fit for the History brand."

Reportedly, the movie was axed from the channel after Robert F. Kennedy said it was, "historically inaccurate", adding, "It was created by a group of people who had an extreme and ingrained hostility towards my family and that they, you know, they twisted history."

The Kennedys have been a fascinating subject for decades, and it's hard to separate fact from legend, but the movie is sure to be entertaining and interesting, no matter which channel it calls home. HOLLYSCOOP caught up with Katie Holmes at the premiere for The Kennedys to get her take on the movie.

Holmes told HS, "We were thrilled when the Reelz channel decided to air this project, and they've been so supportive, and they're just a wonderful group of people to work with."

As far as filling Jackie Kennedys fashionable shoes, Holmes said: "She was such an iconic figure and the world has such an admiration for her, so it was so exciting to get the job, and I hurried up and did as much research as possible, and I never stopped until we stopped shooting. And there was that moment when we just have to say, ok I know I'm going to start, and I'm going to try, as scary as it is. I know I'm not going to please everyone, but here I go."

There's no telling how historically twisted the plot is, but one thing we can expect is lavish costume design and yes, even couture.

Katie told HS, "It was a lot of fun, I worked with out wonderful wardrobe designer Christopher Hargadon, and he recreated so many of her looks, and it was amazing. And also, Mr. Armani made me a couple of dresses for this, so it was amazing.

Amazing and legendary, on so many levels. Jackie O was known for her style, but the lovely first lady was also a cultured patron of the arts.

"I didn't realize how many languages she spoke, she was so much a supporter of artists and she was responsible for bringing amazing artists into the white house," Holmes said. " She designed her husbands funeral at a time…when the country needed her, and she didn't take that time to her herself. So she had such strength that I didn't know to the extent that she had."

Katie worked relentlessly to get the character right, and she has a fair amount of nervousness about she'll be received, portraying such an endeared American icon.

"We started this trying to take these people that we all admire and see the human side of them. I'm interested to see what people think. I don't know."

She may have her doubts, but we're confident that lovely Katie Holmes can pull off the grace and sophistication of Jackie O. The Kennedys will air on the Reelz Channel on April 3.

To check out more highlights of the interview with Katie, click on the video below.