Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise's Marriage Was Over in 2011

July 2, 2012 By:
Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise's Marriage Was Over in 2011

The Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise divorce is getting nasty. Not only did Katie ask for sole custody of 6 year old Suri Cruise, she apparently claims her marriage to Tom was “irretrievably” broken about 6 months prior to filing to divorce.

Here’s the catch…nobody told Tom Cruise that their relationship was over 6 months ago.

Source have revealed that Tom was “blindsided” by the divorce and what’s more, the two were spotted strolling hand in hand in Iceland less than 3 weeks ago?!

Granted, Katie looks miserable walking with Tom in the photos, but it seems like Tom was unaware of their apparent conflict, or maybe they were trying to mend their relationship?

Also, according to the divorce documents obtained by TMZ, Katy is filing for divorce in New York because she thinks NY courts are more likely to grant her sole custody of Suri, but since she’d lived in LA for 6 years prior to moving to NY, sources say that Tom will fight to prove that Katie isn’t actually a NY resident of “at least 2 years” – the minimum amount of time needed to prove residency.

Katie stepped out today, flashing her ring finger that was visibly missing her wedding band.

The newest rumor in the break-up drama is that the two split because Tom reportedly wanted to send Suri to this weird child-labor scientology boot camp cruise ship, and many are thinking that Katie is terrified that Suri will get brainwashed by the scientology clan.

Basically, there’s this militant type boarding school aboard a cruise ship called Sea Organization (I know, right?) where kids as young as 5-years-old can go to live without their parents and get brainwashed learn about scientology.

Katie felt like the only way to save Suri from being shipped off to Sea Organization was to file for divorce and seek sole legal custody.