Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Are "Still Talking"

August 8, 2012 By:
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Are

When Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise announced their swift divorce, I thought they weren’t allowed to speak to one another because Scientology put a curse on Katie or something, but apparently, these two are having a pretty amicable divorce and yes, they are “still talking.”

A source told People that the ex-lovers have a “civilized routine” and “are talking” because they both feel “they are going to do what’s best for Suri.”

Their civilized routine means that when Suri is done hanging out with dad, she is dropped off at Katie’s NY apartment by members of Tom’s security team. If this sounds to you like a hostage situation rather than a “civilized routine” you could be right. Kidding.


Even though they try to limit their contact when transitioning Suri from parent-to-parent they still do speak to one another.

They came to the joint agreement recently that Suri will start private school in Manhattan this fall.

At first Tom and Katie were considering having her home schooled so she can make time for Disneyworld trips because of the family’s constant travel, but both Holmes and Tom agreed that it would be best for her to go to school “to have that sort of stability and consistency in her life.”

Yesterday, Suri and Katie were spotted taking in some art at the Museum of Modern Art. It seems like Tom and Katie are overcompensating for the divorce by trying to out-fun one another with constant trips, vacations, and cultural outings. So far, Tom is winning, because duh, Disneyland is ALWAYS better than a modern art museum. Little girls can only admire Andy Warhol’s soup cans for so long.