Katie And Suri Cruise In Matching Outfits

June 25, 2012 By:
Katie And Suri Cruise In Matching Outfits

Like mother, like daughter…

Katie Holmes and her adorable daughter Suri hit the streets of New York on Sunday in matching wardrobe. The pair walked hand-in-hand in their identical attire, enjoying an afternoon stroll.

Suri is known to be the most fashionable six-year-old in the Big Apple. She even struck a bold pose for the camera when her and her mom was snapped.

The kindergartener sported a white knee-length skirt, with a navy and white-striped sleeveless shirt. On her feet were some shiny silver flats. Mom followed suit with a pleated white skirt, and a breezy, matching checkered button-down, tied at the waist.

Suri celebrated her sixth birthday in April and she’s no stranger to the getting her picture taken or having lavish parties thrown for her.

For her second birthday party, her parents splurged on the affair, spending a reported $100,000. Then, for her fifth birthday, she received a $5 million deposit to her trust fund.

No word on where Suri’s father Tom was, probably still filming his Sci-Fi thriller Oblivion which is scheduled to be released next year. His massively hyped musical debut in Rock of Ages impressively undelivered on its opening weekend.

The film earned a weak $15.1 million, Tom’s worst opening weekend ever, losing in a landslide to Madagascar 3. Tom’s flop proved one thing: people would rather look at talking, animated animals than his body (no matter how toned it is).

Sorry, Tom… But your girls still look good!