Inside Holmes-Cruise Divorce Settlement

August 24, 2012 By:
Inside Holmes-Cruise Divorce Settlement

How Katie made out in the split…

Following news from earlier this week that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are now officially divorced, information has come out as to the exact details of the settlement. So, how much cha-ching did the Batman Begins girl step out with? Actually, not that much.

TMZ reports that, other than child support payments that are proving to be pretty mild for Tom’s massive salary, Katie did not earn a lump sum payout in the settlement.

Sources familiar with the case tell the celebrity news site that, due to Tom’s iron clad prenuptials agreement, when Katie chose to leave the marriage, she was shut out of his $250 million estate.

And how ‘bout spousal support for the girl? …Nada.

Rather, Katie will only get a child support payment totally $400,000 a year. Meaning she’ll have $33,333.33 a month to put toward Suri’s clothes, food, outings, more clothes, ice cream, toys, pony rides, iPads, and all other things that a celebrity child needs in order to survive…

In addition, Tom will be required to pay for Suri’s medical, dental, insurance, education, college and extracurricular expenses.

The cash will come to Katie in the form of an electronic money transfer and will continue through the time that Suri turns 18… A.k.a. 12 more years.

Now, that may seem like a large amount of dough, but it actually “only” totals to $4.8 million, and if you compare that piece to $250 million, well… It’s a small cut of the cake.

According to TMZ, under New York law, Katie could have made a whole lot more if she refused to settle and went to court. But – as we saw in the over-the-weekend settlement - the objective for both parties seemed to be speed rather than money.

Throughout all the mess, Katie always seemed to have Suri at the top of her priority list, and this settlement seems to reflect and accommodate this… Unless, of course, for her 16th birthday, she wants a pair of matching Ferraris.

Hollyscoop previously reported that, as of Monday, Tom and Katie’s divorce was finalized in New York court when a judge signed off on the final judgment of the case following a 30 day waiting period.