Don’t Worry, Suri Cruise Gets 'Sizable Trust Fund' from Tom

August 28, 2012 By:
Don’t Worry, Suri Cruise Gets 'Sizable Trust Fund' from Tom

Remember last week when we all found out that Katie Holmes gets nothing in her divorce from Tom Cruise EXCEPT for a paltry $4.8 million in child support payments for the next 12 years until Suri turns 18?

Well, turns out that the $4.8 million was just pocket change as has learned that Katie insisted that Tom set up a trust fund for Suri so that she has financial security when she’s an adult.

“Katie wanted the trust fund put in place for Suri so that their daughter will be able to tap into after she turns eighteen years old,” a source revealed.

Whatever happened to kicking the kids out of the house at 18 and making them go work at a fast food restaurant!? That’s what America is built on! Not trust funds and designer heels for six-year-olds!

But I digress.

“Katie has absolutely no access to the money and didn’t want to. It’s a sizable trust fund, but Suri won’t be able to fully legally claim it until she is in her 30s. Tom had no problem with the request and planned on doing it for Suri anyway.”

This trust fund is reportedly in place so when Suri is 35 and deciding whether or not to join “Dancing with the Stars” she can maintain her dignity and just fall back on daddy’s money. It’s better that way.

This news comes after we learned that Katie may not be getting any alimony in the divorce but at least gets to keep millions of dollars in jewelry and accessories that she received as gifts from Tom over the years.