Celebrity Astrologer: The Future For Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise

July 10, 2012 By:
Celebrity Astrologer: The Future For Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise

Now that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have announced their divorce and came to a speedy out-of-court settlement, we all want to know what’s next for these two? Will Katie Holmes rebound with an ex? (Hint hint Chris Klein) What young actress will Tom Cruise court next? And who will find love first?

We talked to Celebrity Astrologer Terry Nazon, voted "Top 10 Astrologer in the World," to find out what she believes the stars hold for these two.

Terry tells Hollyscoop that for Sagittarius Katie Holmes, communication with her partner is key and suspects that Tom’s inability to respect her opinions and effectively communicate was the main problem between them.

“Lack of respect and a communication break down that turned into a power struggle” is what led to Tom and Katie’s break-up.

Terry’s predictions for Katie’s romantic future? Well, let's just say the actress won't be on the single's market for very long.

“A new romance before the end of the year with a successful man will be kept very hush hush in September until it becomes more serious possibly resulting in a live-in situation that turns into another marriage in 2013-2014.”

According to Terry, Katie "tends towards ex lovers and older men and one day she may even write all about her experiences."

Professionally, Katie's future is bright as Terry predicts that there are "more films ahead for her this year and next. Her best movie work is ahead of her!"

As for Tom, whose star sign is Cancer, Terry says, “he could opt for time alone as he sorts through what he really wants in life and figures out who he really is.”

Terry thinks “he could be tied romantically 'in the press' with several people in the near future. It’s no secret that it’s not bad for your career to date or marry Tom Cruise!”

But here’s the kicker, if the stars align and expert astrologer Terry says they will, Tom is heading for a salacious relationship crisis. A scandal or even a obsession with a twist will begin to brew in late May 2013 that will continue to boil until September 2013 that will apparently “reveal more about Tom Cruise than he previously admitted to.”

Uh oh?

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