Katie Couric Admits To Battling Bulimia

September 24, 2012 By:
Katie Couric Admits To Battling Bulimia

Katie Couric’s new talk show promised to reveal a different side of Katie Couric, namely that she’s wearing cute dresses instead of blazers now and interviewing women about “50 Shades Of Grey” instead of actual political figures and famous individuals.

But we didn’t know just HOW much she was going to reveal.

On today’s episode, Katie interviews Demi Lovato about her struggles with her body image issues and eating disorders and reveals that she herself was bulimic all through college!

“I wrestled with bulimia all through college and for two years after that,” Couric says on her show, “I know this rigidity, this feeling that if you eat one thing that’s wrong, you’re full of self-loathing and then you punish yourself, whether it’s one cookie or a stick of gum that isn’t sugarless, that I would sometimes beat myself up for that.”

Katie opened up because her guest Demi was getting real about her past insecurities with food.

Katie says she mainly struggled with the eating disorder when she was a student at the University of Virginia and as she started her TV career at ABC News.

“How do you have a healthy relationship with food, and say, ‘You know what, I can have one cookie and its OK.’ That is such a huge thing for people who wrestle with this,” says Katie.

Katie says she was able to kick the habit when she researched how terrible purging is for your body.