Can Katie Couric Fill The Daytime Void Left By Oprah?

June 6, 2011 By:
Can Katie Couric Fill The Daytime Void Left By Oprah?

Katie Couric will have her own daytime, syndicated talk show on ABC. Great. Another platform to show off her colonoscopies.

ABC announced the deal today, and Katie will be host and producer. Katie’s Today show mentor, Jeff Zucker, will serve as Executive Producer.

She’s rumored to be taking over the 3 PM time slot, but will Katie fill the Oprah void? While she has the credentials, part of Oprah’s success was her assertive, borderline aggressive attitude. Katie has always been journalism’s sweetheart. Couric had her start working the news desk at the ABC News bureau as well as CNN. She became an anchor substitute for Today in 1989. She quickly climbed the ranks at the and co-hosted with Matt Lauer until 2006.

Since then, Couric has been an anchor on the CBS Evening News.

She must’ve put her foot down at some point to get where she’s at, but Oprah was meticulous and unrelenting. And most importantly, she was the girlfriend of millions of women during the weekday.

As a news journalist, Couric has never had too conversational a tone with her viewers, so we’ll see if a daytime audience embraces her the way they did Lady O.

For starters, Couric will have to pick some controversial topics to bring in ratings at first. In her early days, Oprah tackled serious issues, even bringing White Supremacists on her show to get the public’s attention. Oprah’s weight struggles also made her relatable to her audience, so Couric may have to find a similar avenue to share. And sending a camera up her poop chute again may not cover it.

Couric is in for a huge undertaking. But if all else fails, she can always buy the entire audience carrrrrrrrrrs. The show will debut September 2012.