Kathy Ireland: I Wasn't Drunk or on Meds

March 8, 2010 By:
Kathy Ireland: I Wasn't Drunk or on Meds

It's safe to say Kathy Ireland won't be doing any more hosting gigs. Kathy did a special red carpet segment for ABC's pre-Oscar show yesterday and to put it nicely--she looked like she was heavily medicated.

Kathy's hosting skills became a hot topic on Twitter last night with some speculating she was high, drunk and or pregnant.

One person tweeted, "Kathy Ireland is freakin me out!" She's a "great model," one person also Twittered, but a "brutal pre-Oscar interview."

Kathy took to her twitter account to address each and every hater. She wrote, "Some say I looked pregnant.LOL! Not true...others say I was drinking...would LOL if it were not so sad. Just excited 2 be involved. Grateful."

But the bashing didn't end there. She wrote back to one Tweeter fan, "Never use drugs and that as a Mom is not a cool or funny suggestion. Best wishes to you and your family."

And later added, "No meds or alcohol Angel===just J.O.Y..."No Red Bull or chemicals."

She may not have been drunk or medicated, but something wasn't right about her appearance. She was asking strange questions and just acting awkward in general. Did you guys catch her pre-Oscar special? What did you think of her strange behavior?