Kathy Griffin's Opinionated Mom Gabs About Comedienne's New Talk Show

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Kathy Griffin\'s Opinionated Mom Gabs About Comedienne\'s New Talk Show
Kathy Griffin’s new Bravo show “Kathy” premieres tonight, and Kathy’s mom Maggie is weighing in with her opinion.

“I just think there’s too much onus on you,” Maggie tells Kathy in a sneak peek of the new show.

Who knew that a show named “Kathy” would revolve around the redheaded offhand comic?

What was Maggie expecting? A show hosted by Kathy Bates about dating after 60?

Maggie continued with her notes on the first episode in the clip, apparently not happy with the constant gossip about tired topics like “Housewives” and Snooki.

“She’s nothing,” Maggie asserted to Kathy about Snooki.

Looks like somebody just got scratched off the “Jersey Shore” Christmas card list…

Kathy fueled the banter with her usual antics, bringing up Snooki’s new baby. Kathy accused her mother of being anti-single mothers.

“She’s a mother now,” Kathy said. “How can you say that about a young mother?”

“Kathy” promises similar over-the-top pop culture chit-chat in talk show form from the two-time Emmy winner.

The show premiers tonight at 10/9c on Bravo. More sneak peeks are available on kathygriffen.net.

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