Kathy Griffin is No Longer Banned from the View

January 6, 2009 By:
Kathy Griffin is No Longer Banned from the View

The ban has been lifted for Kathy Griffin. She’s now allowed to be a guest on The View once more.

Last year around this time, executive producer Bill Geddie told the ginger she couldn’t appear on the show because she was too mean to Barbara during her stand-up routines. And this was at a time when Kathy was being considered for a co-hosting position!

That was Kathy’s second banning from the show, so she figured it was permanent. But Babs and Bill announced yesterday on Barbara’s Sirius radio show that they’d like for Kathy to return as a guest.

Yeah sure, now that Kathy is so popular you want her back! We think Kathy should return and do one of her amazing impressions of Barbara and talk like that for the entire segment. What are they going to do? Ban her a third time?!