Kathy Griffin Banned From CNN

January 5, 2010 By:
Kathy Griffin Banned From CNN

CNN has decided they’ve had just about enough of Kathy Griffin’s antics, and they’ve reportedly banned her from the network! According to Popeater.com, Kathy’s recent F-bomb on CNN’s New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper was the last straw.

When talking about the Balloon Boy, Kathy asked, "Fal- Fuc****? Falcon? How do you say it?"

Anderson shook his head, responding, "You're terrible. Really terrible."

Well the execs at the network agree. Insiders tell Popeater.com, "She was a total embarrassment to the network that calls themselves 'The Most Trusted Name in News.' Even Anderson thinks it's time to say goodbye to Kathy.”

Kathy went on to make jokes about drugs and sexual acts with Anderson. Check out the video below if you missed it.