It's A Backstreet Boys Sing-A-Long With Your Favorites On 'Kathy'

June 15, 2012 By:

Kathy Griffin and Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean do multiple sing alongs, while former ‘N Sync-er Lance Bass sits there trying not to look too awkward.

On Thursday on her Bravo talk show “Kathy,” Griffin, a die-hard boy band fan proves that though she likes ‘N Sync, she clearly loves The Backstreet Boys way more.

She interviews the two former teen icons in tandem, but mostly just cares about A.J., whom she scoots next to on the couch as they sing various Backstreet hits. Meanwhile, Bass tries to find the right page on the sheet music in front of him for a few painful seconds, before giving up and either humming along or just simply looking over AJ’s shoulder, bobbing his head, holding a mic.

This happens for each number. Like five times. Seriously.

Well, I should give Bass a bit of cred, he does hold his own for the first round, saying that, “I know the words to Backstreet songs more than I know the words to ‘N Sync songs.”

But the rest of the segment proves that that’s a flat out lie.

Even the cameraman gives up on him, eventually cutting Bass out of the “performance” shots entirely.

They try to throw Bass a bone during the final seconds of the interview (over 12 minutes in length), by giving him chance to prove his worth and teach A.J. the moves to ‘N Sync’s famous “Bye Bye Bye” dance… Unfortunately, A.J. already had the footwork dialed in.

When they weren’t singing, the topics traversed were the first time they all met, Kathy’s ongoing obsession with A.J., Kathy’s jealousy of A.J.’s wife and their “weird” wedding (A.J. wore , a corset and heels, in black… yeah, and he’s the straight one on the couch)… oh and Bass giving Kathy a booty call “when [he] was still straight.”

So, to sum it up, Kathy loves A.J., and Lance tried unsuccessfully to get into her pants.