Miraval Spa: We'd Never Say 'Phones Not Allowed' On Property

July 26, 2012 By:

And now we journey to the spa where Katherine Jackson was either kidnapped or vacationing, depending on who you believe...

The 82-year-old spent about a week at the Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona. While she was there, the then legal guardian of Michael's children was not in direct contact with Paris, Prince, or Blanket.

Katherine’s M.I.A. status has since been attributed to the spa’s no cell phone or computer policy, but it turns out that might not be entirely true.

Hollyscoop reached out for the Miraval Spa and a rep released a statement on the issue.

“The Miraval spa offers Wi-Fi in all guest rooms,” the statement reads. “Phones are also in all villas.”

Miraval’s rep went on to state that while it is true that Katherine was staying in one of the resort’s most private spas and that certain public areas do not allow cell phone use, the claim that cell phones are prohibited is, in fact, false.

“Cell phones are allowed on spa premises, in private villas and around the spa,” the statement continues. “A Miraval employee would never tell a guest or a visitor of a guest that they are not allowed to use their cell phone or carry their cell phone on the spa property.”

The no cell phone rumor can be traced back to a press conference immediately following a ruling that granted TJ Jackson temporary guardianship of Michael’s children.

In the conference, Katherine’s attorney, Perry R. Sanders Jr., told reporters that Katherine was not allowed use of her cell phone or computer due to spa’s policy. However, to be fair, Sanders knew little about what was going on between Katherine and her children as he had yet to speak with her since she left California.

On ABC’s “Nightline” Katherine spoke out publicly for the first time since the drama broke.

“One reason why I hadn’t called is because I just gave up my phone. I didn’t want to have any phone calls,” she told ABC.

In addition, Katherine said that while she was at the resort, Janice Smith, her assistant, had been checking in on the children for her. Katherine was reportedly staying at the resort for some doctor-ordered R&R.

The rep Miraval did say that phones could be removed from a particular villa if a guest requests it. However, the rep could not comment on the specific accommodations or requests of Katherine and her family.