Katherine Jackson And TJ Will Apply For Joint Guardianship

July 27, 2012 By:

The Jackson matriarch is flip-flopping…

After saying that she would get her guardianship reinstated ASAP, she now claims that splitting custody with TJ is totally cool too. So, instead of full control, Katherine Jackson will apply to share Prince, Paris, and Blanket with her grandson TJ who was granted temporary guardianship on Wednesday.

Hollyscoop has confirmed with Katherine’s attorney, Perry R. Sanders, Jr., that she will file for joint guardianship for the kids.

The decision came after Sanders met with Katherine, as well as Prince, TJ and TJ’s attorney, Charles Shultz.

“It was agreed by all that it is in the best interest of Mrs. Jackson and the children to file a modified joint pleading at the beginning of next week,” said Sanders. “The joint filing will request that the court reinstate Mrs. Jackson and appoint TJ as a co-guardian of Michael's children.”

Previously, the court ordered the temporary guardianship as part one while TJ worked toward permanent guardianship. However, according to Sanders, TJ’s filing will now be updated to reflect the joint guardianship request. A pleading will begin next week.

Margaret Lodise, the ad litem for the kids, confirmed in the meeting via conference call with Prince, who acted as the spokesperson for the kids, that all of the minors were onboard with the decision.

According to Sanders, if the court grants the request “it will eliminate concerns … triggered by the events of the last few days” and “empower TJ to take joint legal responsibility for certain day to day duties.”

Those responsibilities include the children’s care, household management, and home security in case Katherine decides to up and leave to an Arizona spa again in the future.

“Mrs. Jackson will then be freed up to focus on the more personal everyday decision making related to the lives and activities of the children,” Sanders said. “She would also remain in control of the children's family allowance.”

Katherine’s lawyer says that she is “extremely pleased” with the way the document has shaped up.

“She greatly appreciates the recent love and concern that supporters have shown for her and the kids, and she hopes the court will grant this request for co-guardianship,” he said.

Hopefully, the news will put Paris at ease too when she finally wakes up this morning. The 14-year-old was tweeting up until the wee hours this morning.

“imma have my 7777th tweet in honor of my dad(:” she tweeted at 4:30 a.m. Friday. “7 was his favorite number lol

The specifics of the document are expected to released early next week.