Katherine Jackson And Kids Appear Normal At Jackson 'Unity' Concert

July 30, 2012 By:

I don’t understand the dynamic of the Jackson family at all. One minute the kids - Paris, Prince and Blanket - are tweeting and text slandering their aunts and uncles and nobody can figure out who gets guardianship over them, and then the next moment, the whole family is taking in the Jackson family concert like nothing ever happened?

Marlon, Tito, Jackie and Jermaine Jackson performed a selection of their greatest hits at their Unity tour stop (Unity Tour? Most ironic tour name ever) in Saratoga, Ca and Katherine and the three kids were sitting front row, all smiles.

Apparently all is well since the incident surrounding Katherine's Arizona visit and as of now, Tito Jackson’s Son T.J. has temporary guardianship over the kids, with Katherine expected to file for joint guardianship.


The family drama seemed momentarily calmed as eldest son Jackie wrote on Twitter, “A very special moment happened at last night’s show. When Mother took her seat she got the biggest standing ovation – love was all around.”

Usually we turn to Paris Jackson or Prince Michael’s Twitter account for the real low-down on what’s happening to this crazy Jackson family, but Prince has been silent on Twitter since Thursday and Paris has mostly been tweeting about “Harry Potter” and green tea.

However, Paris tweeted yesterday, “This is sad.”

No word yet on what this means, but her tweets were much happier after that message, so all “appears” to be well with the Jackson clan…for now.