Katherine Heigl Robbed

February 6, 2008 By:
Katherine Heigl Robbed

"Thieves Suck!" That's what Katherine Heigl's hubby Josh Kelly was overheard saying when he found out someone had broken into their car outside their Hollywood Hills home.

A burglar smashed the windows of the couples SUV and stole the GPS system inside. Oddly enough Josh's expensive guitars were also inside the car and the thief didn't bother taking those. "I guess people who do this are pretty stupid," he said.

Josh was seen cleaning up the broken glass while his wifey stood outside and smoked a cigarette. Katherine is starting to take chain-smoking to another level, what happened to her quitting after the wedding? Such a turn off!

Anyway, they didn’t let the burglary dampen their mood, the couple headed out to Glendale afterward to grab a bite to eat and meet with Katherine’s mother.