Katherine Heigl Goes on Hiatus From Grey's Anatomy

September 2, 2009 By:
Katherine Heigl Goes on Hiatus From Grey's Anatomy

After all of the speculation over whether or not Katherine Heigl was even returning to Grey's Anatomy this season, now she’s taking off! Heigl is reportedly taking a break from the show to shoot a new movie.

ABC reps confirmed the story, originally reported by EW, saying she’ll take a five-episode hiatus to shoot the romatic comedy Life As We Know It.

A source tells Us Weekly that Katherine has already shot six episodes of Grey’s, and will appear on the show through November. The insider says, “The exact schedule is still in the works. These plans have been in the works for a while. The producers, as they always have, do their best to accommodate people's schedules, including Katherine's movie schedule, a film schedule for Patrick, and Ellen's maternity leave. Ellen will have as much time as she needs and wants as a new mom, and the chances of her leave overlapping with Katherine's is highly likely."

The source continues, "This is how Grey's works: It's a true ensemble. The show will be firing on all cylinders while at the same time accommodating the actors' needs."

Grey’s sounds like the best show to work on! You can bad mouth the crew, complain about long hours, take off to shoot a movie, and still keep your job!!