Katherine Heigl Feels Sorry for Paps

February 19, 2008 By:
Katherine Heigl Feels Sorry for Paps

'27 Dresses' star Katherine Heigl says she feels sorry for the dozens of paparazzi's that camp outside her house and follow her around all day because she's so boring.

She says: "The paparazzi are a whole new deal to me. It started slowly, I'd see one or two every once in a while and then one day after the Emmys there were 20.

"I was like 'Arrrrgh!' I feel guilty, though, because I never do anything interesting and they've waited outside my house all day....I often complain about people moaning about the paparazzi because if you want the money you make and the big movie roles, then it's the price you have to pay."

So there you have it, being boring doesn't guarantee privacy. Whether your flashing your crotch like Britney or boring like Katherine, those pesky paps just won't go away!