Katherine Heigl at Fault for 17 Hour First Day on Set

July 31, 2009 By:
Katherine Heigl at Fault for 17 Hour First Day on Set

Last week, Katherine Heigl was a guest on David Letterman to promote her new movie The Ugly Truth. But she also took time to mention her first day back on the set of Grey’s Anatomy.

She told Dave at the time, "Our first day back was Wednesday and it was -- I'm going to keep saying this because I hope it embarrasses them -- a 17-hour day, which I think is cruel and mean."

That statement not only shocked viewers, but a few industry people as well, including Emmy-winning TV writer and blogger Ken Levine. He’s not a Grey’s Anatomy writer, but he obviously knows people on the set, since he wrote this on his blog:

"Poor Katherine Heigl. What she neglected to add was this: This 'cruel' shooting schedule was only to accommodate HER and her needs. The producers graciously shuffled things around so she could go off and do promotion for her new film. Also, with union rules, the producers had to pay a ton of overtime and penalties to make this happen. The thanks they get is Katherine Heigl going on national television hoping to embarrass them.”

Wow! Talk about The Ugly Truth! We’ve heard stories about Katherine Heigl being a diva, but this is the nail in the coffin! Were surprised after all of her antics that the producers would even want her back!