ABC Exec Responds to Katherine Heigl's Complaining

August 10, 2009 By:
ABC Exec Responds to Katherine Heigl's Complaining

When Katherine Heigl went on David Letterman a few weeks ago and complained about her 17-hour first day back on the set of Grey’s Anatomy, she probably wasn’t expecting this much backlash.

As Hollyscoop reported last month, Katherine told Dave, “Our first day back was Wednesday and I keep saying this because I hope it embarrasses them – [it was] a 17-hour day. I think it’s cruel and mean.”

Her comments not only offended Emmy-winning TV writer Ken Levine, who then called her out on his blog, saying she was the reason the day was so long. But Katherine’s comments have also affected ABC entertainment president Stephen McPherson, who didn’t find them to be too funny.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, McPherson told reporters during the ABC TCA presentation Saturday, “I think it’s unfortunate. People are going to behave in the way they choose to behave. There are so many people who work so hard on Grey’s, and all of our shows, without any notoriety and those are the ones I’d be concerned about, people who feel like they’re being criticized or looked down upon.”

That should be reason enough for Katherine to keep her mouth shut! The network entertainment president is even pissed! Girl is lucky she still has a job!